Royal Marsden Hospital

STARS has a schoolroom on the McElwain Ward at the Royal Marsden Hospital, but can also provide bedside tuition if necessary. We teach all patients, whether they are in-patients on the ward or receiving treatment as an out-patient. We are not able to teach siblings of patients. We work closely with hospital staff, local authorities, and classroom teachers in order to ensure that pupils are successfully reintegrated into school and supported to achieve their full potential as far as their illness allows.

For pupils on the McElwain Ward, we provide fun and creative learning activities that give pupils the opportunity to make progress in core curriculum subjects. The day usually begins with a practical starter activity, followed by individual lessons in English and / or Maths, and then an afternoon activity that is based on our current topic. We often have visitors from museums, galleries and other organisations such as the Police or Fire Service.

Older pupils (year 10 and above) have the opportunity to attend creative workshop sessions on the TCT Ward, and are also offered one-to-one tuition in core curriculum subjects, as well as support in other subjects. If necessary, we can arrange for pupils to sit exams at the Royal Marsden Hospital. We host the annual YAAs (Youth Achievement Awards) in partnership with CLIC Sargent social workers, which celebrate the achievements made by our older pupils at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Queen Mary's Hospital for Children

We offer one-to-one bedside tuition to patients who have been diagnosed with a medical condition that will cause them to miss at least fifteen days of school per year. Tutors focus on Maths and English, but can sometimes offer tuition in other subjects if required, depending on their specialist subject(s). Tuition is offered to patients three times per week, and extra independent study can be set if appropriate.