Welcome to the Key Stage 1/2 Page


Those of compulsory school age that may begin in reception through key stage 1 and into key stage 2.


Welcome to the early years, Key Stage 1 and 2!

Key stage 1 covers all the years from year 1 to year 2 and Key stage 2 covers all the years from year 3 up to year 6.

Clare Davison is the Key Stage 1 and 2 Coordinator.

The amount of students taught at Drapers within this age group varies tremendously from year to year.

When a pupil is referred initially Clare will contact the pupil’s home school to discuss a suitable program of work and then a home visit with the pupil and the parent/carer will be initiated. Nadia (senior social worker and parent support) may be asked to accompany Clare especially if families are requiring extra support.

Although Clare will endeavour to keep the pupil up to date with core subjects of maths and English it is also extremely important that the pupil receives a broad and balanced education. Therefore don’t be surprised if Clare turns up for tutoring sessions with varied musical instruments, painting equipment, a few pots and pans for cookery activities and the usual menagerie of bits and bobs you would expect to find in an average primary classroom!

It may also occur that pupils have to be tutored at home during periods of Statutory assessment at the end of key stages. Clare in this case can arrange with the school for these tests to be taken within the home and for any special arrangements to be made so that the pupil is not in any way disadvantaged. The test papers can be collected and handed back to the school and sent off with the rest of the school’s scripts.

The main aim of home tuition is to allow the pupil access to the education that he /she would be receiving were they in school. This means that the tutor will be liaising with the class teacher regularly. Clare also will be in discussion with various other agencies including SEN and appropriate medical contacts to ensure an appropriate reintegration plan is put in place for the pupil.

Clare will organise a meeting with the school to put together a health plan and if appropriate a reduced time table. If appropriate Draper’s will provide a support teacher for pupils within school to reassure and support at least in the initial stages of reintegration.