Welcome to the Key Stage 3 Page


KS3 covers students who are in Years 7, 8 or 9 at secondary school.

My name is Barbara Binns. I am the coordinator for this group of students, and teach English, Maths and ICT to KS3.

When you are referred to STARS I will contact your parents/carers at home and arrange to come and see you to talk about what we can offer. This is your opportunity to talk about what you enjoy doing at school and what you find more difficult. We can also talk about what you want to do in the future.

STARS aim to return students in KS3 to their home school or another placement where possible. We try not to keep KS3 students for the rest of their education. We can apply for formal assessment toward Statementing where necessary and liaise with lots of other agencies to provide the best support possible for your education.

Nadia Ward is another member of our team who may visit you – she is our Parent Support Officer and can offer a wide range of support and advice to parents.

Tuition from STARS can be in a number of different ways:

  • Tuition at home - only for those unable to leave the house for medical reasons
  • Tuition at a local library or youth centre
  • Support to stay in your school
  • Small group tuition at The Drapers Centre

The types of tuition best suited to you will be discussed and will be followed up with an arranged meeting at the tuition venue or a trip to see us at The Drapers Centre.

We usually start students off working on the core subjects then add in the other subjects later on. This is where you may be in my teaching group. These timetables will be arranged to suit your well-being, and are regularly reviewed. At KS3 we like to keep in close contact with parents/carers to ensure you are well supported.

We hold termly reviews to monitor progress, and may also start looking at reintegration plans to get you back into school, if this is what is required.

I hope you enjoy your time with STARS. We are a small group, but very friendly.