Welcome to the Key Stage 4 Page


If you are currently in Y10 or Y11 then you are in Key Stage 4.

Fran Riley and Chris Wilson are the Key Stage 4 Coordinators and if you have not met them already, no doubt you soon will.

They majority of pupils at STARS are in Key Stage 4, however there are some primary aged pupils as well as KS3’s who are referred to the service.

Once you have been referred, Fran or Chris and sometimes Nadia (senior social worker and parent support) will arrange to visit you and your parents/carers. At this meeting we will discuss and make plans for your education programme. This meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss problems/concerns about school, talk about your GCSE options and plans for the future. Often at this meeting we arrange for you to visit the Drapers Centre along with your parents/carers.

During the visit we will agree an individual timetable and start date. Many pupils start off studying core lessons and add on others a few weeks in, once they feel more settled.

Below is an example of a KS4 timetable:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am - 10am English Science Option A2 Option B2 Science
10am - 10.10am Break
10.10am - 11.10am Option A1 Science Option A2 Option B2 Maths
11.10am - 12.10pm Option A1 Maths Maths English English
12.10pm - 12.40pm Lunch
12.40pm - 1.40pm Option B1 Activities &
Enrichment Programme
Science Science Activities &
Enrichment Programme
1.40pm - 2.40pm Option B1 PSHE Maths
2.40pm - 2.50pm Tutor Time Tutor Time Assembly Tutor Time


Currently the following options are available:

Option A! OptionA2 Option B1 Option B2
  • Y1 Geography
  • Y2 History
  • Y2 Food & Nutrition
  • Y1 Drama
  • Y2 Additional Science
  • Y2 Geography
  • Y1 History
  • Y1 Food & Nutrition
  • Y2 Performing Arts
  • Y1 Additional Science
  • Y1 Media
  • Y2 Art
  • Y1 Child Development
  • Y2 Enterprise & Employability
  • Y2 Media
  • Y1 Art
  • Y2 Child Development
  • Y1 Preparation for Working Life


If you are working towards a qualification that is not listed it may still be possible for you to complete this, with help from your school and a STARS tutor. Make sure you let Fran or Chris know about this at your meeting.

Sometimes pupils are too unwell to visit or attend the Drapers Centre. If this is the case we will arrange a programme of 1-1 tuition. This tuition normally takes place in a local library although in some cases it may be held at home. We can provide five hours of tuition a week, normally spread over 3 sessions. These sessions tend to focus on preparing for English and Maths GCSE’s.

Once you have started your timetable or tuition sessions we will hold regular reviews where you, your parents/carers and teachers can give feedback on your progress and we can set targets for the next term. If you want to make any changes to your timetable you don’t need to wait until your next review just contact Fran and she can arrange a time to discuss this with you.

Moving On from Drapers

For many students, leaving Drapers and moving on to post 16 can be a difficult time. We work hard at the Centre to make sure you are well prepared. Throughout Y11 you will have regular meetings to discuss your post 16 options and receive advice and guidance. ‘Careers’ and ‘Preparation for Working Life’ provide the focus for PSHE lessons throughout Y11. This includes, visits to college, completing applications as well as working on CV’s, letter writing and interview technique.

Following the completion of final exams we hold a series of Transition Days at the Centre. These days provide students with the final preparation for moving on and succeeding at college, school sixth form or in work.