Education Programme

Subject List

  • Activities
  • Additional Science
  • Art
  • Child Development
  • Core Science
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • English
  • English Literature
  • Enterprise & Employability
  • Food and Nutrition
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Horticulture
  • Humanities
  • ICT
  • Maths
  • Media Studies
  • Preparation for Working Life


At the Drapers Centre pupils can access a full Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Programme.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Pupils at the Drapers Centre work towards a range of qualifications in various subjects. The current qualifications and accreditations we offer in year 10 and 11 include:

  • GCSEs
  • GCSE short courses
  • iGCSEs
  • OCR Nationals
  • AQA Certificates at L1 and L2
  • Entry Level Certificates (ELC’s)
  • AQA unit Awards
  • Edexcel Awards


Subjects on offer at KS4 vary each year depending on pupil choice. The subject list shows the subjects that have been taught over recent years at the centre.

All pupils attending the centre are encouraged to work towards core subjects which include, English, Maths, Science, ICT, PSHE and Activities.

Healthy Schools

The Drapers Centre is part of the Healthy Schools programme and officially achieved ‘Healthy Schools Status’ in 2007 and we are currently working toward Enhanced Healthy School Status. Healthy Schools Status has given schools an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles for both their pupils and staff. Some of the changes we have made to incorporate this programme include:

Healthy Eating

We provide a healthy lunch service for those pupils who are entitled to free school meals. Each lunch includes a sandwich, some form of salad, fruit and either orange or apple juice. We also have a breakfast club every morning that provides toast, fruit and juice. This is available to all pupils.

Breakfast Club has been very popular among pupils since it was set up in September 2010. Many members of staff have noticed that the healthy start to the day has given pupils a lot more energy during the morning and afternoon.

Many pupils enjoy cooking lessons as part of their timetable. This may take place during activities sessions on a Friday afternoon, in small groups during the day or as part of the GCSE Food and Nutrition group. These cooking sessions promote healthy eating and build on skills that pupils will use later in life.


We have developed a PSHE and Social Skills programme for both KS3 and KS4 pupils. This includes units based around staying safe and keeping healthy such as; drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health, image and identity and healthy eating and lifestyles. Pupils in Y10 and Y11 also cover units on Economic Wellbeing and Career Planning.


Physical Activity, Interests and Hobbies

At Drapers we encourage pupils to participate in wide range activities and sports. This is an important part of the provision at Drapers as we believe that all pupils should have access to some sort of exercise or active session as well as core subjects. Every Friday afternoon is ‘Activities Afternoon’ at the Drapers Centre. Each term there are several options available for pupils to choose from, these include both onsite and offsite activities. Types of activities on offer over the last year include; Football at GOALS in Cheam, Golf in Wimbledon Park, Street Dance at the Phoenix Centre, Swimming at Westcroft, Climbing at High Sports in Redhill, Ice-Skating in Streatham, Dry slope Skiing at Sandown as well at cooking, Christmas crafts, fashion design, making your own movie, specialist film club and comic club onsite at the Drapers.

There are also additional activity sessions for some pupils on a Tuesday afternoon, and horse riding at the Diamond Riding centre on a Thursday.

Each year Drapers offers pupils an opportunity to take part in the annual residential trip. This is an overnight camping trip that involves many exciting outdoor physical activities, such as, archery, high rope climbing and quad biking to name a few.

Emotional well-being

At Drapers Centre, we maintain a high focus on the emotional well being of our pupils. Pupils are supported in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and where they can express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Pupils may be offered additional support if needed in lessons, or have one-to-one sessions included on their timetables to offer time for individual development.

Emotional well being is included as an important theme in PSHE and Social Skills lessons.

Each year the Drapers Centre holds a ‘Health and Well-Being Day’ for pupils and staff. This has been very successful. The day allows pupils to come off their normal timetables and participate in a number of workshops. Each workshop is run by an outside organisation that provides useful information and fun activities based around health and well-being.

Jack Petchey Awards

Jack Petchey Award

Since 2009 the Drapers Centre has been part of the Jack Petchey Awards programme, which is a rewards scheme that runs throughout 2000 schools and youth centers across London and Essex. The initiative was set up by Jack Petchey in 1999 and was set up to recognize the achievements of young people.

At Drapers we are part of the Bronze award which means that 3 students per academic year are chosen as winners by a voting system within the staff team and student group. We have one prize winner per term. The winner is decided by which student has the most votes and those votes need to have a positive reason for why that person deserves to win. The winner receives an outstanding award certificate, a £200 cheque to spend on something for the centre, and a chance to attend the annual award ceremony where they receive a medallion for their achievement. Students that have won this prize since 2009 at Drapers have spent their award money on a foosball table, a Nintendo Wii, Wii accessories, a group meal to Harvester and a trip out to Thorpe Park. Well done!

AQA Unit Award Scheme

AQA Unit Award Scheme

The AQA Unit Awards provide an additional award scheme for pupils at Drapers. Pupils are able to work towards AQA Unit Awards during lessons where they may not gain a full GCSE. The awards are used for all subjects but are most popular in alternative sessions, such as activities, cooking, practical tasks, independence skills and work experience. The pupils are able to build up their record of achievement folder by adding each of AQA Unit Award certificates they achieve. Although they are not accredited qualifications they are a great way for pupils to show the skills, knowledge and experience they have gained. By the time pupils leave the Drapers Centre, many have built up an impressive folder displaying their achievements and qualifications to date.