Subject Leader: Shaheen Qurashi


The science department has been successful throughout the years in many ways. We are a team of two experienced science qualified teachers and two teaching assistants with a strong science background. The department is keen to embrace new developments in science to support and enhance the learning experience of our pupils.


The enthusiasm of both science teachers is one of the major strengths in this department. We plan and work collaboratively to ensure that the science curriculum is taught in an exciting and innovative way. The teaching and learning of all observed lessons are judged as good with outstanding features. Marking and pupil assessment are strong with continued consistency due to collaborative practice and careful monitoring by the subject leader. Thorough monitoring of pupil progress ensures that they progress as expected. Schemes of work are well-planned and thought out, with many different learning activities tailored to different learning styles.

Since September 2016, the new Science GCSE curriculum (AQA Combined Science Trilogy) is being taught and in line with the English and Maths GCSE, the numerical grading system for Science has now come into effect.

The 2018 GCSE results were very good: 64% of our pupils achieved Levels 4-9. Our analysis showed that pupils whose attendance was consistent showed excellent progress from their starting points, exceeding their KS2 targets.

Extra lessons are delivered each week to support pupils with alternative timetables and exam grade borderline (levels 3-4) pupils are targeted so they can make the required progress.

Pupils Views and Attitudes

In regards to the pupil voice questionnaire, pupils commented that they always know what they are learning in their lessons and what they must do to make progress. Pupils commented on the usefulness of sharing the learning objectives and that staff are approachable and supportive.

Enrichment and Intervention

To promote literacy in science, keywords and their meanings are given to each pupil for them to familiarise with the science content that will be covered and can be referred to throughout the course of the lesson.

Science and Engineering week in March of each year is a highlight for us as a science department. Activities are planned around a theme for pupils to actively engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities. Science trips and visits are arranged throughout the year.

Future Developments

To further cross-curricular links.

To further establish links with schools in the borough.

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Curriculum Information

KS3 Engage Science Syllabus

AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy