Art and Design

Subject Leader: Ms Helen Segal


Art and Design is offered to all pupils in Key Stage Three and as a GCSE option in Key Stage 4. This year are pupils following the AQA Fine Art course . There is also provision for those not wishing to follow an examination course to enjoy doing practical Art sessions for pleasure and relaxation.

The subject is taught in a designated room which has access to a computer. I-pads and cameras are available for whole group use. The department is well resourced so allowing a wide range of different activities to take place.


The subject is led by an experienced teacher who plans well structured units of work which allow pupils to demonstrate their developing knowledge, skills and understanding. External assessors remain impressed by pupils’ ability to experiment with a wide range of media including 3D making techniques . They remark how pupils use sketchbooks extremely effectively for both preliminary and developmental work and produce visually strong personal responses. Marking is seen to be clear, fair, accurate and strongly tailored to the individual. Visitors to the center are highly complimentary about the Art on display which covers a wide range of techniques from drawing and painting, 3D work, mosaic making to felt making, silk painting and printing. Art and Design through the centuries and from all around the world are studied.

Pupil Views and Attitudes

Pupils speak positively about their experiences in Art and take pride in their work. They are often keen to take their finished work home and value seeing it displayed. Pupils often come to borrow resources to complete work in their own time. 


Trips to galleries are organised for all pupils. Pupils are regularly taken outside to sketch and photograph nature and the local environment. Pupils are also encouraged to produce work for exhibitions. In January 2017 pupils from Key Stage 3 submitted art work for the Holocaust Exhibition in Sutton. We have and onsite community art worker who is working with pupils in a therapeutic manner 1:1 and in groups.

Future Developments

To further cross curricular links especially ICT.

To bring in practicing artists.

To establish relationships with local art communities.

To expand the different art techniques taught onsite.

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