The wearing of full school uniform is expected as an integral part of the school ethos which promotes positive attitudes, high standards and a sense of personal pride.

Here in the UK almost every pupil is expected to wear a school uniform.  We believe that there are many benefits to a school uniform, including the following:

1.     Uniforms help create an outstanding school ethos.

Having pupils all wear the same uniform develops a ‘team’ feel, reminding everyone that they’re all part of the same community and are one big team.

2.     Uniforms help ensure outstanding behaviour.

There is increasing evidence that schools that have a smart uniform, also have excellent behaviour.

3.     Uniforms help prepare pupils for future careers.

We believe that the world of work should be central to all our practice. Many professions require adults to wear a uniform, or a suit, so wearing a uniform to school is good preparation for the working world.

4.     Uniforms improve results.

Despite there being a lack of definitive evidence nationally, we believe that when pupils put on their school uniform, it puts them in the learning frame of mind.


The cost of school uniform

It is not anticipated that the cost of purchasing the polo shirt and sweatshirt required will be prohibitive to the majority of families. However where families of new pupils do experience hardship, financial help may be available to families eligible for free school meals. The process for remission of cost will be handled discreetly and no parent/carer should be embarrassed to ask for help.


Special Considerations

Pupils may wear black, dark blue or dark grey trousers, shorts or skirts, but they must be of knee length or longer. Rips in trousers are not permitted. In addition, pupils’ footwear must be appropriate for school and therefore not high heels, flip flops or slippers.



The only items permitted are as follows:

  • One small pair of plain studs. Sleepers or hooped earrings of any type are not allowed.
  • A religious necklace which must be worn inside the polo shirt.

Body piercing jewellery is not permitted. Covering such jewellery with a plaster or replacing it with a plastic stud is also not permitted. If a pupil comes into school wearing any piercing they will be asked to remove it, regardless of when the piercing was done.