Term Dates

2018 to 2019


Autumn Term 2018

INSET: Monday 3rd September 2018

Pupils first day: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Half-term break:-

20th October 2018 to 28th October 2018

(back on the 29th October 2018)

INSET: Friday 23rd November 2018

INSET: Monday 26th November 2018

Last day for all pupils: Friday 21st December 2018


Spring Term 2019

Pupils first day: Monday 7th January 2019

INSET: Monday 28th January 2019

Half-term: 16th February 2019 to 24th February 2019

(back on the 25th February 2019)

Last day for all pupils: Friday 5th April 2019


Note: Good Friday is on 19th April and Easter Monday is on 22nd April 2019


Summer Term 2019

Pupils first day: Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Half-term: 25th May 2019 to 2nd June 2019

(back on the 3rd June 2019)

Last day: Tuesday 23rd July 2019


INSET Days:- No pupil will be expect to come to the centre or have tuition on or offsite on these days.    

Important Dates

2018 to 2019 


STARS holds two reviews every term:

  1. Pupil led academic reviews – These reviews are to keep you advised regarding their academic progress.
  2. Structured Conversations - These conversations are between parents/carers, their child and a key member of teaching staff. The aim is to set pastoral and academic targets on an individual basis.


Autumn Term 2018 - 19

Pupil led academic reviews: Tuesday 16th October 2018 from 1300 - 1700

Structured Conversations: Tuesday 4th December 2018 from 0900-1400


Spring Term 2018 - 19

Pupil led academic reviews: Tuesday 5th February 2019 from 1300 - 1700

Structured Conversations: Wednesday 20th March 2019 from 0900-1400


Appointments are arranged individually with each appropriate member of staff, parent/carer & pupil. This is organised by the Administration Team, letters are sent out.