Subject Leader: Candida Cox



PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) provision responds to the changing social climate to ensure pupils are well prepared and informed individuals. 
The PSHE curriculum is varied across KS3 and KS4 in order to engage with our particular pupils and develop their understanding of the world around them, and how they can best cope within this world whilst at the same time contributing to society and remaining healthily within it.


RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) is a statutory element of PSHE which takes place during Year 10.  Whilst these lessons cover the basics of biology and contraception, we have introduced more complex but very relevant topics such as ‘Consent’ and ‘Sexual Harassment in Schools’ as a result of media interest in these topics as areas of societal concern.
Pupils are encouraged to think about the topics studied, and skillful questioning from teachers encourages pupils curiosity, and to reflect and empathise. 
Lessons are characterised by structure and purpose, clear expectations, and teacher enthusiasm in delivery.  There are a variety of activities and high levels of pupil engagement in both written and verbal tasks.
The schemes of work are updated and relevant, including the introduction of new schemes of work on tackling extremism, radicalisation and Britishness.  We have also had outside speakers running sessions for pupils on issues such as young people’s voice and contribution to decision making, debating and drug awareness.
Teachers encourage all pupils to take part in discussions.

Future Developments

The priority is to remain up to date with current government legislation, and to continue to develop the number of visiting external speakers and presentations.
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